Respect Textiles

Efficient reuse with respect for textiles and the environment

Respect Textiles is specialised in the processing of used textiles. Clothing, shoes and bedlinen etc. are collected through various charities. Respect Textiles ensures that these materials are made available for reuse.


The Cradle-2-Cradle principle is of paramount importance to us in our processing of second-hand clothes. We supervise the entire process from ‘jersey to jersey’, or: from the moment the collected textiles arrive to the delivery of the complete recycled material. Respect Textiles can provide 100% textile recycling. In this way, we contribute to improving ‘eco-effectiveness’ based on the natural cycle: collected materials return as raw material.

Professional and complete grading and recycling process

Respect Textiles takes its responsibility seriously to ensure a professional and complete grading and recycling process, which is achieved through the dedication of professional personnel, excellent in-house training and the grading of textiles or raw material for reuse on the basis of the correct price/quality ratio.